That’s right – you may find eating standard (ie DEAD) octopus a little weird (though I have to admit I think it’s lovely!), but how about live, wriggling, squirming, slimy octopus.  Wait, not just live octopus, live BABY octopus!

Well in Korea it’s a delicacy and they like nothing better than slipping that little sucker (no pun intended) into their mouth and chewing.

And you really do need to chew – reports go that if you don’t chew it up properly, you risk choking as it wriggles in your throat.

So how does one serve live baby octopus, I hear you ask?  Well it seems there are a few options.

  1. Simply with sesame oil and perhaps a little samjang (red pepper paste) on the side for dipping.
  2. With soru, a Korean alcohol.  You dip the octopuses (or octopi if you prefer) in the alcohol which sedates it (puts it to sleep as one writer states … though I don’t really believe that) before chomping on it.
  3. You can have it cut up into pieces (but they still wriggle!), or eat it whole.  The latter option is hardcore, as shown in the videos below.

So, want to see what it’s really like?  Here’s someone eating the chopped up variety:

That’s nothing – check out how difficult it is to eat it whole (with assistance from the waitress!):

And here’s anohter (skip to about 3:30 to avoid too much of the annoying American presenters):