The Icecreamists, a small ice cream parlour in London, has caused a media storm with the launch of its latest dessert – the “Baby Gaga”. The “Baby Gaga” is made using human breast milk; yes that’s right human breast milk ice cream. Welcome to 21st century London!

The breast milk is first pasteurised and then churned together with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest to make ice cream. It is served by a costumed waitress alongside a rusk (popular baby snack) and an optional shot of bonjela or calpol (baby medicines).

human breast milk ice cream

The first thing that comes into my head is where do they get the breast milk from? Well the owner posted an advert on mumsnet, a popular online community for mums offering £15 (~$25) per 8 oz of milk and wasn’t short of volunteers, according to the BBC they’ve had 15 mums come forward so far and it’s only just launched. Health checks similar to those that they use to screen blood donors were conducted on the breast milk donors.

So how much does it cost? Well anyone brave enough to try human breast milk ice cream will have to pay £14 (~$23) for the privilege. Let’s be honest, it all seems like a big publicity stunt, but it has obviously worked since it’s been featured in the main stream press as well as here on Junch!

If anyone is visiting London has an appetite for some human breast milk ice cream then head down to Covent Garden and let us know how it tastes.

Update 2nd March 2011: According to the BBC the human breast milk ice cream has been seized by westminster council on health grounds following complaints from members of the public.