Baby what, wine, eh?

Yes indeedy, baby mice wine.  It’s wine with, well, baby mice in it.

Found in China, this deliciousness is believed to be a cure-all health tonic.  It is believed it can cure anything from asthma to liver disease.

Baby mice wine isn’t just baby mouse flavoured, or have one baby mouse inside.  Oh no, it has a whole pile of baby mice, only a few days old, floating around at the bottom of the bottle.  Nasty huh?  Well it gets worse – the baby mice are plucked from their mother’s teet, placed in the bottle alive and drowned.  Perhaps that improves the flavour?

Baby Mice Wine

One thing I haven’t clarified is whether the mice in baby mice wine are eaten/drunk along with the wine, or just filtered out. Surely if they are the source of the ‘goodness’, they should be crunched upon and ingested along with the wine.

I’m sure many of us have eaten the worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle but how many of us could stomach a mouth full of baby mice?

Baby Mouse Wine

Baby Mice Wine Update: The well travelled folk who comment on articles here at Junch have informed us that they have seen this fine delicacy in china and once the wine is consumed you are supposed to indeed eat the baby mice.

There are other similar products to baby mice wine including cobra wine and others, but perhaps we should keep them for another article.