Snake and Scorpion Wine

Nevermind a sweet chardonnay or a crisp pinot grigio there’s a new drink in town… Snake Wine! This fine wine comes out of south east asia and has to be awarded 5 stars for presentation alone! From cobras and vine snakes Read more »

Human Breast Milk Ice Cream

The Icecreamists, a small ice cream parlour in London, has caused a media storm with the launch of its latest dessert – the “Baby Gaga”. The “Baby Gaga” is made using human breast milk; yes that’s right human breast milk ice cream. Welcome to 21st century London! The breast milk Read more »

Civet Coffee (Kopi luwak, motit coffee, kape alamid, kafé-laku)

With a price tag of £150-800/Kg ($225-1200 USD) civet coffee certainly deserves the title of ‘the world’s most expensive cuppa’. civet coffee or Kopi Luwak as it’s called Indonesia starts life as any other coffee bean would, as an ordinary and unassuming coffee berry. From here though the story begins to unfold  Read more »

Jellied Eels

What do you think David Beckham misses most when he’s kicking a ball around in other parts of the world like the US Italy?  Fish ‘n’ Chips?  Roast Beef?  (er, what else does the rest of the world think we Brits eat?  Cucumber sandwiches?!).  Nope – Jellied Eels.  Yes, that’s eels as in the slimy […] Read more »